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NARUSE, Kiyoshi

Specially Appointed Professor
NARUSE, Kiyoshi

ANSAI, Satoshi

Assistant Professor
ANSAI, Satoshi

Research Summary

Medaka is a small egg-laying fresh water fish found in brooks and rice paddies in Eastern Asia. This species has a long history as an experimental animal especially in Japan, and many inbred lines and mutants have been established so far. We are currently studying the evolution of the sex determination system using medaka and relatives, the genetic bases for PGC migration and pigment cell differentiation, and the development of the medaka disease model for diabetes. In addition to these activities, our laboratory is stepping forward to lead the National BioResource Project Medaka (NBRP Medaka).

PhD Program

This laboratory is currently recruiting graduate students.


Selected Publications

Kirchmaier, S., Naruse, K., Wittbrodt, J. and Loosli, F. (2015). The Genomic and Genetic Toolbox of the Teleost Medaka (Oryzias latipes). Genetics199(4), 905-918.

Takehana, Y., Matsuda, M., Myosho, T., Suster, ML, Kawakami, K., Shin-I, T., Kohara, Y., Kuroki, Y., Toyoda, A., Fujiyama, A., Hamaguchi, S., Sakaizumi, M. and Naruse K.(2014).  Co-option of Sox3 as the male-determining factor on the Y chromosome in the fish Oryzias dancena. Nature Communications, 5:4157


Kimura, T., Nagao, Y., Hashimoto, H., Yamamoto-Shiraishi, Y. I., Yamamoto, S., Yabe, T., Takada, S. Kinoshita, M., Kuroiwa, A., and Naruse, K. (2014). Leucophores are similar to xanthophores in their specification and differentiation processes in medaka. Proc Natl Acad Sci 111(20), 7343-7348.

Spivakov, M., Auer, T. O., Peravali, R., Dunham, I., Dolle, D., Fujiyama, A., Toyoda, A., Aizu, T., Minakuchi, Y, Loosli, F., Naruse, K., Birney, E. and Wittbrodt, J. (2014). Genomic and Phenotypic Characterization of a Wild Medaka Population: Towards the Establishment of an Isogenic Population Genetic Resource in Fish. G3, 4(3), 433-445.

Kasahara, M., Naruse, K., Sasaki, S., Nakatani, Y., Qu, W., Ahsan, B., Yamada, T., Nagayasu, Y., Doi, K., Kasai, Y., Jindo, T., Kobayashi, D., Shimada, A., Toyoda, A., Kuroki, Y., Fujiyama, A., Sasaki, T., Shimizu, A., Asakawa, S., Shimizu, N., Hashimoto, S., Yang, J., Lee, Y., Matsushima, K., Sugano, S., Sakaizumi, M., Narita, T., Ohishi, K., Haga, S., Ohta, F., Nomoto, H., Nogata, K., Morishita, T., Endo, T., Shin-I, T., Takeda, H., Morishita, S. and  Kohara, Y. (2007). The medaka draft genome and insights into vertebrate genome evolution. Nature 447, 714-719.


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