1st  Developmental Genetics of Zebrafish and Medaka

The 1st NIBB International Practical Course was held from Jan. 15th to 24th, 2007. It was our first attempt to approach young scientists around the world instead of limiting to the domestic applicants till the previous year.

10 participants were highly selected, consisting of various nationalities; 1 Indian, 3 Hong Konger (Chinese), 3 Taiwanese, 1 Chinese, and 2 Japanese. They did excellent works with enthusiasm and had fruitful discussions throughout 10 days.

The course provided the study of developmental genetics of Zebrafish and Medaka with the high quality skills by the distinguished lecturer from inside and outside of NIBB. Dr. Kiyoshi Naruse (The Tokyo Univ.), Dr. Hironori Wada and Dr. Tomomi Sato (RIKEN Brain Science Institute), Dr. Karuna Sampath (The National Univ. Singapore) were invited as the lecturer.

It is a great opportunity to learn high skills and communicate with scientists in the well-prepared facility. The next course will be in March 2008. Stay tuned for further updates in the fall.
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1st Practical Course “ Developmental Genetics of Zebrafish and Medaka”