Image Analysis

Research Supporter:Naoto Ueno
Division of Morphogenesis, National Institute of Basic Biology

Course Objectives:
Image analysis is one of the most important tools for extraction of useful information from image data so that it is indispensable to address various biological questions in recent biological research field. Image analysis consists of many steps, such as acquisition of image data by microscopy and output of the processed results. Especially, image processing, which includes image digitization, image enhancement, binarization, image transforms and filtering, is crucial step. In order to obtain an optimal analysis results, it is required to design an effective combination of these techniques based on understanding of image processing theories. However, fundamentals and practical applications of image processing for analysis of biological image data have often been missing in the education for biologists.
This course will cover the basic principles of image processing algorithms and it will give biologists an opportunity to learn how to analyze a wide variety of image data derived from the biological and medical imaging modalities, such as optical and electron micrographs of molecules and cells, radiographic images of tissues and MRI images of brains. Through this course , the participants are able to learn computational methods for biological image analysis to apply workflows of the analysis techniques to image data in their research.

– Information theory basics
– Image sampling and quantification
– Properties of digital image data
– Image transformations
– Image filtering in the spatial domain?and the frequency domain
– Image segmentation
– Morphological image processing
– Image processing with ImageJ/Fiji
– ImageJ macros

– Properties of biological image data
– Quantification of shape information
– Quantification of intensity information
– Image classification, pattern matching
– Object tracking and motion estimation

Target Audience:
Undergraduates, Graduate students, Postdoctoral researchers and Faculties, those who need to apply image analysis technique to their data.

Beginners and intermediate learners

National Institute for Basic Biology (Okazaki, Japan)

Once a year

Under construction