MRI Tutorial

Research Supporter: Norihiro Sadato
National Institute for Physiological Sciences

Course Objectives
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an indispensable imaging technique for extracting detailed anatomical and functional information from living human bodies, and data acquisition and analysis methods for MRI are continuously and rapidly developing. This tutorial will provide training in the basics of MRI analysis for brain research. Participants will learn how to analyze, visualize data from several MR modalities (diffusion MRI, task/resting functional MRI and structural/anatomical MRI). The researcher engaged in brain MRI analysis, especially who have beginner to intermediate experience, is targeted.

Course Topics/Modules
Seminars and lectures on basics of image analysis for diffusion MRI, functional MRI (functional MRI: fMRI), anatomical structure MRI (anatomical / structural MRI), unix command, shell scripting.
Hands on training course of FSL-TBSS, FSL-MELODIC, SPM, CONN, FreeSurfer etc. for diffusion tensor imaging, task- and resting state-fMRI and quantitative brain MRI analysis

Target audience
Beginner and intermediate
Graduate students, Technicians, Post-docs, Faculty, Support staff of core facilities

The University of Tokyo Hospital (Tokyo, Japan)
National Institute for Physiological Sciences (Okazaki, Japan)