Electron Microscopy

Research Supporter:Atsuo Miyazawa
SPring-8 Campus, University of Hyogo

Course Objectives 
Imaging structures of biological samples by electron microscopy remains some difficulties how to use special expensive machines. And there are several steps on the sample preparation, especially on cryo-techniques, such as high pressure freezing, rapid freezing, freeze substitution, cryo-sectioning, and freeze fracture. This facility provides access to the observation with both transmission and scanning electron microscopes, as well as practical training for the preparation of biological samples for electron microscopy.

Course Topics/Modules
   EM techniques from sample preparation to data collection
Basic techniques : Conventional EM (Chemical fixation, Embedding, Sectioning, TEM/SEM)
Applied techniques : Cryo-EM (High pressure freezing, Freeze fracture, Cryo-sectioning, Cryo-TEM/SEM)

Beginner and/or intermediate experiencer. Graduate student, postdoc, or university/institute researcher.

SPring-8 Campus, University of Hyogo

Under construction

  • TEM (JEM2100) : It can perform conventional observation and electron tomography of frozen hydrated specimens with a cryo transfer folder (GATAN 914).

  • Cryo-ultramicrotome in cryosphere (Leica EM UC7/FC7T with VCT100 vacuum cryo-transfer system) : It provides preparation of ultrathin cryo-sections for cryo-EM.