Diffusion MRI

Research Supporter: Shigeki Aoki
Department of Radiology, Juntendo University School of Medicine

For groups of researchers who studies the clinical state of the disease using diffusion MRI adopted from public applicants, we provide research environment for their data analysis or instruct them to analyze their own data. According to their own highly original hypothesis, we will support researchers applicant who analyze their diffusion MRI data. We also presented tutorials with the general participants having applied for subscription in order to expand the range of research activities. Although many clinical high field 3T MRI machines has already been installed in Japan, methods for statistical MRI analysis has not been widely spreading in medical field. We guide participants through a hands-on experience of MRI analysis by demonstration how to analyze practically in the tutorial targeting researchers who do not have sufficient ability of statistical analysis method gathered from across Japan.

  • The color-coded directionality map at the level of basal ganglia.

  • Diffusion tensor tractography of the corticospinal tract.

  • Diffusion tensor tractography of the limbic system (cingulum, fornix, and uncinate fasciculus).

  • Skeleton of the tract-based spatial statistics (TBSS).

  • The diffusional kurtosis map at the level of corpus callosum.